Saturday, February 21, 2015

Release of The Eighth Lamp: Ruskin Studies Today No 9 2014

The ninth issue of The Eighth Lamp: Ruskin Studies Today (ISSN 2049-3215) is now online.

The new home of the journal is

The link to the issue is

Current and past issues can now be downloaded directly.

Some highlights are:


─ Cynthia Gamble, Review of Marriage of Inconvenience by Robert Brownell. London: Pallas Athene, 2013… 33
─ Anita Grants, Review of Building Ruskin's Italy: Watching Architecture by Stephen Kite. London: Ashgate, 2012… 37
─ Rachel Dickinson, Review of Novel Craft: Victorian Domestic Handicraft & Nineteenth-Century Fiction by Talia Schaffer. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011… 40
─ Anita Grants, Review of Exhibition, John Ruskin: Artist and Observer. Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada, 14 February–11 May 2014 [Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh 4 July–28 September 2014], curated by Christopher Newall and Conal Shields… 43


─ “Swift visions of centuries”: Langdale Linen, Songs of the Spindle, and the Revolutionary Potential of the Book by Patrick Mcdonald… 46
─ John Ruskin and the characterisation of ‘word-painting’ in the nineteenth century by Marjorie Cheung… 62

The Eighth Lamp: Ruskin Studies Today (ISSN 2049-3215) invites contributors to submit scholarly papers (8,000-10,000 or 3500-4000 words), ideas for book reviews, exhibition reviews, news and events, titles of publications and projects in progress, and creative work and abstracts related to John Ruskin and related nineteenth century scholarship. Scholarly papers should be submitted at least six to eight months in advance to allow for the refereeing and revisions process. Please email submissions directly to the editors at

The Eighth Lamp is an online and double blind refereed journal led and managed by Professor (Dr) Anuradha Chatterjee (Founding Editor and Co-Editor), and Dr Laurence Roussillon-Constanty (Co-Editor), Senior Lecturer in English, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France. The journal is also complemented by a ten strong Editorial Board that provides intellectual and pedagogical support and leadership to the journal. The scope of The Eighth Lamp is multidisciplinary and it welcomes submissions related to art, religion, historiography, social criticism, tourism, economics, philosophy, science, architecture, photography, preservation, cinema, and theatre. The journal is circulated to over 100 scholars and academics internationally. The journal is listed in key Victorian studies and nineteenth century literature, culture, and visual studies forums. The Facebook page is

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